Benefits of Our Restaurant Online Ordering System: Increased Sales

1. Higher Ticket Averages

Our restaurant online ordering system delivers higher ticket averages by consistently upselling high margin items. Guest checks through our online ordering system for restaurants are typically 20-30% higher than those placed over the phone. Online customers order 11% more frequently than phone-in customers.

2. Upsell High Margin Items

During peak hours, employees are often too rushed to upsell menu items. Our system consistently suggests high margin items, such as drinks and desserts, at the time of check-out.

3. Gain Valuable Marketing Information

Capture the email addresses, special occasions and purchasing patterns of your customers for your next promotional campaign. Build customer loyalty for your restaurant.

4. Eliminate Errors

Customers enter exactly what they want and how they want it. There is no miscommunication, saving you money on remakes and ensuring price accuracy.

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